Everything is Peachy

Everything is Peachy

In 2001 graduate students in Jordan's documentary editing class, DanishMumtaz and Przemyslaw Budziszewski asked him if he wanted to appear In their documentary about students with disabilities. After talking for a while, they decided to do a documentary on just Jordan instead. Jordan himself needed 3 hours of college credit for a special project. For the interview he wrote some basic stories plus questions. Mumtaz and Budziszewski handled most of the technical work, the soundtrack and editing is all theirs. 

Part 1 Introduction to Jordan and Friedreich's Ataxia or FA.

Part 2  In which we see Jordan's father Allan and grandfather Frank.

Part 3  A red pick-up truck with possibilities.

Part 4  About maintaining friendship.

In the fall semester of 2001, I took an editing class. Danish and "Shameck" we're taking the class as well. Midway through the semester, they asked me if I wanted to be in their documentary. 

Over winter break, we started making plans for the production. Danish gave me ten basic interview questions. I added things I thought were important. We filmed the interview first. 

Danish shot the video on a tripod and Shameck handled the boom microphone. 
I spoke on camera for a little bit under 2 hours. 
A few weeks later, they stayed the night at my house. We surprised my father and grandfather with an interview. I stayed in my bedroom, not wanting to make them nervous. 

The following 2 days, they followed me driving to the graveyard, an Indian restaurant, and Walmart. We then drove to my dad's horse stables and got about an hour of footage on him. The  last day of production, they filmed me in class and followed me to lunch at one of my favorite dive bars, Cool Beans. 
The actual production took about 3 weeks.

After production, we immediately began post-production with editing. I was primarily in there as an observer,  but did voice my opinion quite a bit. 

The documentary class was screening the 30 minute documentary projects at the end of the semester during the Spring of 2002. 

We had about 4 hours of footage that we needed to cut down to 30 minutes. That took a long time, about 2 weeks . We were in the editing room for about 4 hours each day. Overall, the documentary was completely finished from start to end in about 2 months. 

We screened the ours with about 5 other documentaries. There was an audience of roughly 200 people. Ours was the final one. In my opinion, we blew the others out of the water. The majority of the 400 people consisted of family and friends. I had no one present, which was weird to a lot of people. I was and am used to that. 

The guys got an "A" for their work, I ended up getting a special problems 3 hour credit I needed to graduate. It was a huge success.

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