Caddo Mills Municipal Airport Tandem Skydive

Check out the Bio section for Larry Portman's comments on this adventure.
Tandem skydive

Portman & Howell Landed at Caddo Mills Municipal Airport

Larry Portman & Jordan Howell in Tandem

Geeking at Caddo Mills Municipal Airport

During a physical therapy session at Parker College in Dallas circa 2001 my therapist stressed the importance of trunk exercise, and I decided to start my own program. 

Afraid of overdoing it, I began with 50 repetitions, at two sets of 25. 

I would always lie down on the floor to watch [the tv series] Friends and did the exercises during the commercial break. I stuck with it and I increased the number every month. Small changes of course, I think I started out increasing by 10. 

Four years later, around 2005, I was doing 500 crunches per day. 

The important thing is time and consistency. If I stopped doing it for a while I would go back two less repetitions. Never overdoing it. I always tried to be realistic. Setting small goals. 
I can do 1500 a night because I have nothing but time. 

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